The Thermal Engineering Division of KSME (hereinafter TED) was first established as “Committee of Thermal and Fluid Mechanics” in 1980 when the number of KSME committees increased to six. According to partial adjustment of the names and classification of the committees in 1990, the name of TED changed to “Thermal and Fluid Engineering Division”. Following continuous internal and external growth, the Thermal and Fluid Engineering Division split into Thermal Engineering Division and Fluid Engineering Division in January 1998. According to revision of the articles of association of KSME in 2005, the division chair was promoted to chair.

In order to encourage academic activities of each division, the enforcement regulations of KSME permits establishment of subcommittees under divisions. Under the Thermal Engineering Division, the Heat Pipe Subcommittee was established in 1999 followed by Cooling Technology for Electronic Products Subcommittee in 2000 and Plasma Thermal Engineering Subcommittee in 2014.