International academic activities

Following the first academic lecture hosted by the Committee of Thermal and Fluid Mechanics in the National Industry Research Center Starting from the First Korea-Japan Thermal and Fluid Engineering Conference in 1988, the Thermal and Fluid Engineering Division hosted five conferences until 1997, before it was divided into Thermal Engineering Division and Fluid Engineering Division. The Thermal and Fluid Engineering Division also sponsored or supported eight international conferences. After being separated from Fluid Engineering Division in 1998, Thermal Engineering Division has been engaged in active international activities; it hosted three international conferences, hosted or sponsored eight international conferences, and joined two international conferences as a member country. Details can be found in Appendix (2), a reference on the 60 year history of KSME.
From the second half of 2005 until 2016, TED hosted the 18th International Symposium of Transport Phenomena in 2007 and co-hosted the 7th and 8th Korea-Japan Thermal Fluid Engineering Conference with Fluid Engineering Division. Details of these events are organized in . Also, the list of international conferences which KSME sponsored through TED or were attended by TED to encourage international academic exchange of its members can be found in .

Time Place Briefs
2007.8.27.~30. Daejeon ISTP-18(18th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena)(Thermal engineering division)
Organizing Committee : Lee, Sang Yong(KAIST)
Secretary general : Kim, Sung Jin(KAIST)
4 Invited Lectures, 361 Papers
2008.10.14.~16. Sapporo,
7th Korea/Japan Thermal Fluid Engineering Conference (Thermal·Fluid engineering division)
Organizing Committee : Lee, Jinho(Yonsei University)/Kazuhiko Kudo(JSME)
Secretary general : Cho, Hyung Hee(Yonsei University)/Masahiko Yamada(JSME)
4 Invited Lectures, 456 Papers
2012.3.18.~21. Songdo
8th Korea/Japan Thermal Fluid Engineering Conference (Thermal·Fluid engineering division)
Organizing Committee : Kim, Nae-Hyun(Incheon National University)/Eiji Tomita(JSME)
Secretary general : Kang, Yong Tae(Kyung Hee University)/Yutaka Tabe, Satoshi Watanabe(JSME)
8 Invited Lectures, 1 Special Lecture, 470 Papers

Plenary Lecture
Tae-Ho Song (KAIST)
Hyung Jin Sung (KAIST)
Mansoo Choi (Seoul National University)
Sang Joon Lee (POSTECH)

2016.3.18.~21. Waikoloa
Beach Marriott
Resort & Spa,
Big Island,
1st Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference(PRTEC) (Thermal engineering division)
Organizing Committee : Yasuyuki Takata(JSME), Kim, Sung Jin(KAIST), Yong X, Tao(ASTFE)
Secretary general : Mamoru Tanahashi(JSME), Lee, Bong Jae(KAIST)
Plenary Lecture 7
Prof. Keumnam Cho, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea Prof. Tae-Ho Song, KAIST, Korea
Keynote Lecture 17
Prof. Hyung Hee Cho, Yonsei University, Korea
Prof. Man Yeong Ha, Pusan National University, Korea
Prof. Yongchan Kim, Korea University, Korea
Special Lecture 1 (Donald Q. Ken Award Lecture)
457 Papers
2017.3.26.-30 ICC JEJU 1st ACTS
Chair: Prof. Sung Jin Kim, KAIST, Korea
Co-chairs : Prof. Yasuyuki Takata, Kyushu University, Japan, Prof. Xing Zhang, Tsinghua University, China
Technical Program Chair: Prof. Jin Taek Chung, Korea University, Korea
Secretary General: Dr. Jungho Lee, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea
Plenary Lecture
Prof. KIM, Nae-Hyun, Incheon National University, Korea
Keynote Lecture
Prof. KIM, Min Soo, Seoul National University, Korea
Prof. KANG, YongTae, Korea University, Korea
Dr. LEE, Jae Sueng, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea
Dr. SONG, Chul-Hwa, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea