International conferences sponsored or attended by TED

International Conference Title Time Place
Multi Physics/Scale System Analysis 2005.4.19. KAIST
9th Symposium on Stirling Cycle 2005.10.20.~21. National Maritime Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan
ACGT2005(Asian Congress on Gas Turbines 2005) 2005.11.16.~18. SNU Hoam Faculty House
ACRA 2006 2006.5.21.~23. Gyeongju Education and Culture Center
The 10th Symposium on Stirling Cycle 2006.10.20.~21. Kanagawa Univ., Japan
WCOGI2007(World Conference on Safety of Oil and Gas Industry 2007) 2007.4.10.~13. Gyeongju Hyundai Hotel
3th International Conference on Cooling And Heating Technologies 2007.7.25.~29. University of Tokyo(Japan)
ASCHT-2007 2007.10.18.~21. Xi’an, China
International Gas Turbine Congress 2007 Tokyo 2007.12.2.~7. Tokyo, Japan
AJCCPP2008(4th Asian Joint Conference on Propulsion and Power) 2008.3.6.~8. Gyeongju Education and Culture Center
ICSMA2008 2008.4.9.~11. KINTEX
RE2008(Renewable Energy 2008) 2008.10.13~17. BEXCO
ICASS2008 2008.10.14~17. COEX
ICCHT2008(The International Conference on the Cooling and Technologies 2008) 2008.10.28~31. Gyeongsangnam-do Jinhae
The 11th Symposium on Stirling Cycle 2008.11.5. Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
MPT2009-Sendai 2009.5.13.~15. Sendai, Japan
International Workshop on EEWS 2009 2009.9.22.~23. Daejeon Convention Center
ASCHT09(Asian Symposium on Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow 2009) 2009.10.20.~23. Seogwipo KAL Hotel
The 12th Symposium on Stirling Cycle 2009.11.6. Ota City, Tokyo
FTEC2009(International Conference on Fluid and Thermal Energy Conversion 2009) 2009.12.7.~10. Gyeongsang National University
Internal Combustion Engines : Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions 2009.12.8.~9. London, UK
Asian Joint Conference on Propulsion and Power 2010 2010.3.4.~6. Miyazaki Kanko Hotel, Japan
2010 Baja SAE Korea at Yeungnam Univ. 2010.7.7.~10. Yeungnam University
International Symposium on Green Energy & Convergence Technology in Mechanical Engineering 2010.8.22.~24. Yeungnam University Chunma Arts Center
ISMAI-05 2011(The International Symposium on Mechanics, Aerospace and Informatics Engineering 2011) 2011.2.14.~16. Shonan Village Center, Japan
2011 Baja SAE Korea at Yeungnam Univ. 2011.7.6~9. Yeungnam University
2011 Green Energy Awards 2011.11.8. InterContinental COEX
IGTC11(The 10th International Gas Turbine Congress) 2011.11.13.~18. Osaka International Convention Center
3rd Korea-Japan Conference on Plasma and Electrostatics Technologies (KJPE 2014) 2014.11.5.~7. Jeju Ramada Hotel